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In 1997, at Dunhua North Road Street, Songshan, Taipei City, a master of Xiao Long Bao - “Chen Brothers” are widely recognized around the world for being the founder of the first Jin Din Rou restaurant.  


With meticulous and delicate processing style together with delightful tastes, especially, with a thin layer of wrapper and special soup in Xiao Long Bao being elaborately processed by an esoteric recipe up to 12 hours, Jin Din Rou quickly conquered diners and became famous.


After 26 years, Jin Din Rou continues to maintain the traditional recipes while constantly improving and creating new dishes to reach out to the world with more than 30 stores in Japan. On September 1st, 2023, Jin Din Rou will open the first branch in Vietnam at the 5th floor, Saigon Centre, Ho Chi Minh City.